August 24, 2015

Dental turbine handpiece also call dental drills

  Dental turbine handpiece also call dental drills

A dental drill or dentist’s drill is a small  high speed drill used during dental procedures, usually to remove decay and shape tooth structure prior to the insertion of a filling or crown. A dental drill may also be used in the cleaning and shaping of root canals during endodontic treatment, or to remove old or temporary fillings or crowns prior to the insertion of new or permanent restorations. The term “dental drill” is considered the more colloquial form of the term “dental handpiece,” although it can also be construed as to include the power source for one or more handpieces, a “dental engine.” “Handpiece” and “engine” are more generic and euphemistic terms for generic dental tools.

  Modern dental drills can rotate at up to 400,000 rpm,[1] and generally use hard metal alloy bits known as burs. Dental burs come in a great variety of shapes designed for specific applications. They are often made of steel with atungsten carbide coating, or of tungsten carbide entirely. The bur may also have a diamond coating.

  Dental drills, which have a distinctive, shrill sound, are often a prominent factor in many people’s fear of dentistry.


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