May 22, 2014

Dental Handpiece Repair Errors

handpiece repair

dental handpiece repair errors

Dental Handpiece Repair Errors

The dental mobile phones are very sophisticated instruments. In the end , using two data illustrate, we have a deep understanding.

Approximately normal speed of high-speed mobile phone standard nose 350000-420000 rev / minute, this figure does not feel how fast it is not translated into seconds, according to the maximum count that is about 7000 rpm / sec, if you take one can hear the a stopwatch sound of the wall clock to your ear, “beep” after a sound too, you turn 7,000 times, how fast you count from 1 to 7000, can you imagine?
In addition, mobile phone accessories are basically hardware materials through the precision machine tool processing tolerance control ± 0.01MM or ± 0.005MM What is this concept? An adult hair, its diameter is approximately 0.07MM about one seventh of the movement accessories tolerances less than a hair, dimensional tolerances naked eye can not tell the difference, and this does not include the more complex roundness, concentricity degrees, the degree of balance, perspective. As long as there’s any error exceeds the standard, the phone will produce a big sound, vibration, life is short, not force, swing, and a series of questions. Based on the above, if not very sophisticated disassembly tools and test equipment, is difficult to put a good mobile phone repair, which does not include the personal experience technical problems. The so-called maintenance, at most, that is, made it turn up, then do not expect the requirements As for the sound, vibration, life, intensity. If repaired, at most, a few times, may soon be broken.
The dental handpieces maintenance Misunderstanding one
Where not to change where? Dental handpiece is extremely delicate, especially in the movement, not suitable to replace the separate accessories, strictly speaking, the movement will have a certain degree of Mishap every disassembly, repair tools currently on the market precision generally poor, as heart, angle, etc., the assembly is difficult to achieve good results. For bearings than replace the entire movement, simple, fast, good effect, the cost is not high (a good domestic movement of about 120-150 yuan, if low, consider cost profit, have sent Quality).
The second misunderstanding of the dental handpiece repair
The best bearings to achieve the best results? As mentioned above, the movement disassembly once, it will generate a certain degree of Mishap. Another overlooked problem is, when a phone is damaged, in addition to bearing, other accessories also have some degree of wear, even if it put the world’s best bearing, and its effect is still dependent on the good of the entire movement accessories . So, if we must repair, it is recommended that medium-quality bearings can best bearing repair, in fact, is kind of a waste.
Misunderstanding number three dental handpiece repair
The maintenance not find manufacturers, only to find a distributor? The cell phone is broken, are generally looking for the seller (dealer) In fact, if the find manufacturers, after all the manufacturers are more professional, more sophisticated tools, instruments, complete. The time may be faster, sometimes the phone to the agents, agents still have to go to the manufacturers or other professional maintenance staff hands, one to two to more wasted time. Might lower maintenance costs, agents sent home repair, labor costs, transportation costs, and now more and more high, and the profits of the agents, these will certainly be included in the maintenance costs inside. Good practice, prepared more than a few pieces of mobile phones, several movement more prepared, if there is damage, the focus on disposable sent to factory maintenance, good and fast.
Misunderstanding of the dental handpiece repair
Own maintenance to save money to save time? First of all, you have to spend money to buy accessories to buy tools, mobile phone brands own maintenance, repair parts and tools is also different, these places, carefully counting account, may be more uneconomical. If you often idle, have a lot of time on the to study dental mobile phone this sideline above, then you should look into carefully, why your positive industry did not do a good job, should not be retired and sit time on clinical research, put enhance the learning and training of medical technology, you should spend time on on excellence every cases patients. As a dentist, there is really no need to fiddle with those things in the dental handpiece.

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