December 23, 2014

Professional High Speed Handpiece Maintain Tips

High Speed Handpiece Maintain

Step 1: Surface Clean
Wipe down the handpiece with a damp disposable cloth. If there is still some bioburden left on the handpiece, clean under running water using a brush. A mild detergent is acceptable. Be sure that all bioburden is removed before proceeding to the next step as it can act as a protective sheild for microorganisms in the sterilizer.
Do not use any chemical solutions for cleaning. Foreign substances may have a negative effect on the sterilizer and/or handpiece through a harmful reaction during the sterilization cycle.
Do not submerge the handpiece in water, ultra sonic cleaner, or disinfectant.

Step 2: Choose Adapter for Your Aresol Can of Lubricant
Choose the appropriate adapter for the back end of your handpiece and thread the adapter to the lubricant’s nozzle. (I Spray recommended) Click here to view the list of our adapters.
Insert bur into the handpiece
If you do not have an aresol can of lubricant, you can also use a pen droplet oil (Pen Oil).

Step 3: Spray Lubricant
Insert the backend into the adpater and spray lubricant for approximately 2-3 seconds. Count 1…2…3
Rotate the bur back and forth between your fingers to further distribute the lubricant in the turbine and help loosen any debris in that area.
Connect the handpiece to an air supply. (We strongly recommend use of the DCI HP Flush Station and not the chair-side air line to prevent clogging, cross contamination and discoloration in your air line.)

Step 4: Purge Handpiece
Before you apply air pressure; position the head of the handpiece within a paper towel to prevent a mess.
Run the handpiece for approximately 10 seconds.
If the purged lubricant on the paper towel is not clear, relubricate and purge until the fluid is completely clear.
Continue to run the handpiece untill all excess lubricant is expelled.

Step 5: Clean Chuck
(Recommended once a week)
Remove bur and lubricate the chuck using the “Spindle” adapter on your can of lubricant or use a pen droplet oiler (Pen Oil).
Using an interproximal brush, clean out the chuck.
If the handpiece is a push button autochuck, push the headcap to fully open the chuck, witht he chuck held fully open, insert the bur in and out to enact a plunging action. This will loosen any debris in the chuck. Then clean out the debris with the interproximal brush.

Step 6: Dry Handpiece
Wipe Down the exterior of the handpiece with a dry towel to remove any expelled fluid or debris. The handpiece should be completely dry at this point.

Step 7: Bag & Sterilize
Bag and sterilize according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Do not relubricate handpiece after sterilization.

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High Speed Handpiece Maintain

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