Leading Dental Equipment Dental Chair

General Details
leading dental equipment dental chair with air compressor led lamps:

1. 4 hole High-speed air turbine handpiece’s connector 2 set
2. Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector 1 set
3. 3-way syringe (hot & cold) 2 piece
4. up-mounted instrument tray 1 set
5. Turnable ceramic cuspidor 1 set
6. Double joint headrest 1 set
7. Sanitary seamless PU leather cushion set 1 set
8. Turnable assistant tray 1 set
9. Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system 1 set each
10. Water suction and saliva ejector 1 set each
11. Sensor LED lamp 1 set
12. X-film vewer (24V) 1 set
13. handpieces water purified and air purified system 1 set
14. Water heating system 1 set
15. 6-function pedal 1 set
16. Dentist stool 1 piece

Options for dental chair :

1.imported 4 hole high speed air turbine handpiece
2.imported 4 hole low speed air turbine handpiece
3.Endoscope system
4.Ultrasonic scaler
5.curing light

Selling points:
tool trayair / water tubesimported from USA
handpiece tubesimported from USA
suction tubesimported from Italy
tool trayABS
main tool tray typeup mounted
tool tray bearing weightMian tray:2KG, assistant tray:0.8KG
handing tool box holefive sets
X-ray viewerbuiltin
main boxmain box materialABS
air / water tubesimported from USA
heaterpower: 24V,80W ;steady state temperature:40-45°c
magnetic valveimported from Italy
water box2 pieces *600ML
armlight power9-11V
light typeThe infinite dimming sensor led light
arm typeamerica type
arm materialmaterial:Aluminum + plastic shell
Connect to the lamp’s parameters: outer diameter: 45 mm, inside diameter: 22 mm
connect to the lamp post’s parameters: the outer diameter of the connection post: 45 mm, inside diameter: 35 mm
Packing size: 78 * 21 * 14 (cm3)
steering lamp armmaterial:Aluminum + plastic shell
connect to the lamp post’s parameters: the outer diameter: 45 mm, inside diameter: 35 mm
Connect to the balance arm’s parameters :the outer diameter: 37 mm, inner diameter: 25.5 mm
lamp postmaterial:iron ;the outer diameter: 45 mm, inside diameter: 35 mm
balance armmaterial:iron
spitoonmaterialceramic spitoon
seatmaterialfiber micro leather
chair frameDC motorLinak DC motor from danmark
frame structurelinkage chair frame
bottom basePU+12mm solid steel base
foot pedaltypesix function foot pedal
packagepackage for whole set170*110*120(mm)
specification for dental chair:
Power Voltage:220V-50HZ
Motor Voltage:24V
Water Pressure:0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa
Air Pressure :0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa
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