Crystal dental implant model for teaching made in china

General Details
Crystal dental implant model for teaching made in china features:

This Demonstrative Implant Model & Fixed Prosthetic on Implant.

Explains the importance of Insertion of the Implant for Correct Prosthetic Reconstruction on Implant to avoid compromising of adjacent Teeth.

Used in dental schools in educational programs, demonstrations, and student study.

Excellent for Dental offices for patient’s demonstrations and also for legal presentations.

Dental Implant Model, made specifically for Dental Schools Programs to teach Students understand Dental Implants procedure, pathologies & techniques to repair, Implants Training, Experience. Implant Training Model for practicing students in Dental Schools and Colleges.

selling points
Selling points of Dental implant model :

1. Material
– proper hardness of tender plastic / especially gum area where screw inserted
– teeth : hard plastic

2. Appearance
– This Model has been accurately designed and produced based on real physical structure of human’s Mouth

3. Use of Product
– Practice placing (inserting) orthodontic mini screw and develop skills with this model
– Model with Orthodontic bracket for promotion.
– Various testing and practic model for orthodontic appliances.


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