Standing Dental LED Whitening Lamp System

General Details
Standing Dental LED Teeth Whitening Lamp System

light intensity: >6000nw/cm2
light power: 3W*6=18W
wave length:420-490nm
adjustable timer:1-20min
power supply:AV110V-240V, 50-60HZ
gross weight:2.8kg

Dental LED teeth whitening lamp
Packing list:
Main unit*1
Protective silicone *2
Detailed manual*1

selling points
1. Simple, light and handy molding design.
2.Freely to adjust to any angle position.
3. Unique semi-circular head design, both arches whitened at the same time.
4.6 pcs high power LED, fan-cooled.
5.1-20 minutes adjustable timer, 2 light intensities, suitable for more brands tooth whitening gel.
6. Led screen shows all the information. All the operation is so easy.
Desk type and standing type

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