6 Blubs Brightness Dental Light

General Details
Specification of 6 Bulbs Brightness Dental Light

dental operating lamp for chairs :

1.Light source: 4 light-emitting diodes                                                                                                           2.Illuminance : Adjustable from ≤8000 lux to ≥25000 lux acc. to ISO9680
3. Light control: Non-touch sensor brightness control
4. Unit model power connection: AC12V or AC24V

5. Degree of protection against ingress of water: Ordinary equipment
6. Mode of operation: continuous operation
7.Transport and conditions: temperature: -40 ° -70 ° , relative humidity: 10%~95%
8.Operating conditions: Ambient temperature: 10 ° -40 ° , relative humidity:30%-85%

Selling point
6 blubs brightness dental light

1. 6 blubs light wiht high brightness

2. Sensor brightness control system

3. Detachable handle,can be sterilized

1.Bulb: 12V/3W  Plug-in type

2.Illuminance: Adjustable from ≤8000lux to ≥25000 lux acc. to ISO9680


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