Low Speed Handpiece Dental With CE Certification

L9-B2 Classical dental low speed handpiece kit

General Details
Specification of Low Speed Handpiece Dental With CE Certification :

Rotation speed:14000-20000r/min
atomized water pressure:200kpa
atomized air pressure:300kpa
bur applicable:Φ2.35 mm~1.6 mm
Selling point
low speed handpiece dental with CE certification Features:
– E-type connector
– Wrench type
– Precise technology, Steady, no vibration while revolving, offering a steady operation.
– Suitable for any E-type handpiece accords with ISO standard
– 135°C Autoclavable, suitable for both steam and chemical autoclave
Contra angle handpiece
– Low Speed 22,000-27,000 rpm.
– The shank of the instrument mounted therein is 2.35 mm
– Fastening of the instruments with a turning latch
– Autoclavable 135°C
– For any lab or E-type motors
Straight Nosecone
– Working pressure:0.25MPa
– Revolution: about 22000-27000r/min (adjustable between clockwise or anticlockwise)
– Noise: ≤68dB
– Air consumption: about 56L/min
– Ratio: 1:1
– Max speed of contra angle: 25000rpm/min.
Air Mortor
– Supply air pressure: 245-392KPa (2.5-4kgf/CM2)
– 1:1 Direct Drive
– B2 holes
– Max speed 20,000r/min
Hole:2 holes4 holes
Chuck type:Push buttonWrench type

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