New Dental Product Portable Dental X-ray Machine Made In China

General Details
Description of Portable Dental X-ray Machine :

1.high frequency and low dose control,nearly no radiation.low dose technology can put the hurts of radiation to the minimum,Irradiating dosage is 10% of national same products, main ray is only 1mA, leaking ray is 10000 times less than national compulsory stipulated medical X-ray protection standard, and no X-ray in theory, so the doctors can prevent from the harm of X-ray.
2.quick clinical inspection ,Simple and fast .
3.intelligent and automatic combination

Selling point
Portable Dental X-ray Machine

1. Portable Dental X-ray machine with quick clinical inspeciton ,simple control and fast. 2. Intelligent and automatic combination

Portable Dental X-ray Machine :

1.According to different people and different tooth position to take x ray picture.
2.Lithium battery available
3.The body is small size,light weight ,convenience various colors
4.Package Material: aluminum alloy .

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  1. saludos a ustedes quisiera saber el costo de este equipo de Rx portátil

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