Scaler Dental with World Leading Technology

General Details

scaler dental with world leading technology Feature: connection between scaler and footswitch
2.easy for dentist to operate
3.make clinic cleaner and safer
4.anti-interfere wireless technology
5.only need 2 AA battery for one year using
6.Small and light switching power adaptor has wider power range from 110 V to 240 V.
7.Imported professional liquid quick connector,safety and easy to connect
8.Anti-agingand and anti-break silica gel Cable and PU tube

As a new aim at high-end ultrasonic scaler market product of VW Dental,DS 01 absorbed the excellent quality ,adopting the exclusive patent technology – wireless control,with multiple fucntion,automatic water supply,intellignet vibration technology.This product brings you a convenient,faster and comfortable experiment for treatment and boom your business.

It has comfortable scaling processing,no heat generating from handpiece and tips when long time using.135 ℃ high temperature autoclave and high pressure are both available for the handpiece.Also it has anti-blocking design for water route,high-grade titanium and excellent anti-fatigue resistance ability material.


Product name: ultrasonic scaler
Main unit input:DC 30V,1.5 A
Power supply: 30 VA -48 VA
Input:AC 100 – 240V,47 – 63 Hz
Output power:3W – 20W
Vibration frequency: 25-31 KHz Primary
Water pressure: 0.01-0.05 MPa
Overall dimensions height= 330 *155 *155 (mm)
Work environment Humidity: ≤ 85%
Temperature: 0°~45° degree Celsius

Selling ponits:

1.wireless control of multiply foot pedal;
2.High-end scaler with automatic water supply;
3.intelligent vibration core technology brings soft and comfortable experience;
4.Removable cable betwwen handpiece and main unit,easy to clean,maintain
5.autoclavable and detachable handpiece with light
6.It has three functions : endo,perio,scaling;
7.Handpiec and tips fit with other brand scaler


Create your own business.

OEM and ODM both available.


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