surgical glasses 6.0 x / 6X magnifiers long tube

General Details
surgical glasses 6.0 x / 6X magnifiers long tube features:

Type: Kepler
Frame: Nickel Alloy material
Working distance : 340;420;500;550 mm
Magnification: 3.5 X;4.0 X;5.0 X;6.0 X;7.0 X;8.0 X

selling points
*Easy to obtain the binocular fusion so that operators feels less dizzy and less tired. (Accurate magnification; Quick and easy convenient to adjust; Position locking and one-step.)

*Accurate magnification; the frame is steady and reliable.

*Function: pupil distance adjusted on the two sides, used with head lamp

*Variable function: wearing changeable, color changeable on the surface,different type of frame

*Application: Operating room, Stomatology, ENT,clinic,hospital

*Shortage: Smaller view field than other types


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