Surgical Handpiece Push Button Standard Head

General Details
Specification of surgical handpiece push button standard head :

Speed: 25000-35000 R.P.M
Air consumption: 55L/min
Light Temperature: 3500-5000K
Operating air pressure: 0.25-0.3Mpa (0.3MPa preferred)
Chucking power: 20-45N
Noise level: ≤70 dB
Working air pressure:0.25Mpa-0.3 Mpa(recommend:0.25Mpa)
Spray air pressure:0.3 Mpa
Cooling type:three spray
LED working voltage:3.0-3.5 V
chucking power:25-45 N
bur available:Φ 1.595-1.600 mm
Net weight:88 g
Noise:≦70 dB
Quality standard : ISO7785-1:1999
LED light intensity:≧1500 LUX
LED light working hours:≧5000 H

selling point
1. Low noise
2. Vibration free
3. Heating free and high illumination
4. Self-sufficient power system instead of extra supply
5. LED lamp.
6. Sterilization by autoclave at (135) °C
Holes: 2 hole /4 hole
Bearing: ceramic bearing /Stainless steel bearing
Back cover :Push button chuck type(wrench/screw)
Head: standaed head /Big head/ Mini head

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