Ultrasonic Scaler — VW Dental

General Details
Ultrasonic Scaler — VW Dental Product Feature:

1.Small and light switching power adaptor has wider power range from 110 V to 240 V.
2.Imported professional liquid quick connector,safety and easy to connect
3.Anti-agingand and anti-break silica gel Cable and PU tube
Digital controls three working models:Scaling,Perio and Endo.Handpiece and tips fit with other brand such as EMS.And two attached endo files are imported from Japan.Intelling vibration core technology inside,brings softer and comfortable experience.

It has comfortable scaling processing,no heat generating from handpiece and tips when long time using.135 ℃ high temperature autoclave and high pressure are both available for the handpiece.Also it has anti-blocking design for water route,high-grade titanium and excellent anti-fatigue resistance ability material.

Product name: ultrasonic scaler
Main unit input:DC 30V,1.5 A
Power supply: 30 VA -48 VA
Input:AC 100 – 240V,47 – 63 Hz
Output power:3W – 20W
Vibration frequency: 25-31 KHz Primary
Water pressure:  0.01-0.05 MPa
Overall dimensions height= 80  *170  *170 (mm)
Work environment Humidity: ≤ 85%
Temperature: 0°~45° degree Celsius
Selling ponits:
1.It has three functions : endo,perio,scaling;
2. autoclavable and detachable handpiece with light ;
3.Imported from Japan endo files;
4.Handpiece and tips fit with other brand
Function2 functions:scaling,perio3 functions:scaling,perio,scaling
Handpiece1.Detachable Plastic handle2.Detachable Metal handle
3.Detachable light plastic handle

OEM and ODM both available.


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