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dental handpiece maintenence and repair

Dental handpieces have evolved significantly over the years
and they remain a vital part of dentistry today. The care and
maintenance of these instruments is essential to preserving not
only the life of the instrument but its proper function as well.
While traditional air driven handpieces are still a mainstay in
dentistry, electric handpieces are now being more widely used.
The newest technology takes components from both electric
and air driven handpieces. Understanding how to clean and
maintain these handpieces and their components properly …..


What to Consider When Purchasing a Loupe
The quality of a loupe system is governed by four key visual characteristics:
1. Resolution (perceived clarity of an image)
Resolution is the capability to visualize small structures, and is established by the quality of the optical design and the use of
precision lenses. Loupes made with inferior materials cannot deliver peak visualization across the entire viewing field.
Consider the widespread consumer appeal for high definition televisions as a testimony to the value of resolution. …..


dental loupes guide
dental e-book

Intended Use of the Product
This product is intended for the exclusive use for diagnoses, treatments and relative procedures
of dentistry, and must be operated or handled by the qualified dentists or by dental staffs under
the supervision of the dentist.
Such dentists or dental staffs should instruct and/or assist the patients to approach to and leave
from the product.
Patients should not be allowed to operate or handle the product unless he/she is so instructed…..